For our first ART collection, we collaborated with contemporary artistDebra Hampton. We decided to use one of her iconic artworks which she intricately pieces together from 100’s of fashion and lifestyle magazine cutouts culminating in “psychedelic mash-up collages offemale heroines.” Inspired by the strength her images convey, we want our customers to embody that same energy when wearing one of our swimsuits.

To execute these designs, the artist chose sections from her work to use in a Rorschach-like pattern. We then applied the design as placed prints – and the end results are truly compelling. We have created a design that is wearable art both conceptually and literally. Debra Hampton’s prints allow us to break the boundaries of swimwear design by sidestepping the mundane“tropical” sceneries and instead move the fashion needle towards the“exploration of material, spiritual, and ethical contradictions and transformation“ just as the artist herself intends in her works.